Fall at the Ridge

Harvested roses in different stages

The fall has been flying by at Quince Blossom Ridge, as I’m sure it does for so many flower farmers. Late August brought slightly cooler temperatures, the departure of the Japanese beetles and the first harvests of our QBR roses! When planning to use roses for cut flower sales, the health of plant should be […]

Flower Farming at the Height of Summer

Dara with a beautiful spiderweb in the late afternoon sun.

After months of growing on seedlings, building beds and planting out into the fields – we FINALLY have something to show for it!

All About Roses

Lady of Shallot - Cheverly

I am not what is technically referred to as a “rosarian”. Rosarians are people who have spent years studying and testing to get certification from an organization such as the American Rose Society. I am more of what you might call an “excessively enthusiastic grower” — now turned professional flower farmer. When I was little […]


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